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What makes chocolate pralines and truffles from Amante so unique?
AMANTE are Belgian hand-made pralines and truffles prepared from the highest quality ingredients. Amante is distinguished by the highest quality, the variety of flavors and the fact that it is manufactured in a small family factory. These sweet pieces of art will satisfy even the most seasoned chocolate connoisseur.

What praline flavors are to be found in chocolate boxes?
Amante pralines are produced from three types of Belgian chocolate: a dessert, a milk and a white chocolate. Among the flavors we find both classic coffee pralines, peanut or fruit pralines, as well as marzipan pralines. Some are a combination of a dessert chocolate with pomegranate or lemon grass or a combination of caramel and salt. We strive to constantly surprise our customers with new, original flavors.

Buying chocolate boxes, can I choose flavors of pralines and truffles?
It depends on the size of the order. In case of small orders in boxes we offer a mix of flavors. In case of large orders - starting with 100 boxes - flavors can be individually made to order.

Is it possible to order any color of the packaging?
The packagings which are presented on the website and in the catalog are only examples of selected projects. The customer can choose the color of the packaging, which will be matched eg. to the color of the logo (of course it depends on the availability of colored paper) or to promotional activities. There are also various sizes of chocolates boxes. The recipients will not hide their surprise, or delight seeing a 'tailor-made' box of chocolates.

What are the possibilities of personalization?
Chocolate boxes can be personalized in many ways. Among the customization options are:

Satin ribbons ideal for marking by sublimation give the possibility of printing in full color by Pantone. Effective rep tape on which the one-color logo is applied by screen printing is another alternative. An elegant ribbon is the perfect complement to each package.

Printed tags can be put inside a package or tied on the ribbon. The form of the note, functioning for centuries, allows you to personalize dedicated gifts.

We can extrude any logo or a graphic directly on the surface of the box or on a foil. Hot stamping help conjure up real works of art. Fancy cardboard wrapper is an excellent alternative for the new package design. This way is a less expensive one and still giving ample opportunities to render individual character to the gift.

Wood packagings we willingly mark with the laser. This precise method allows you to apply not only the logo onto the box, but also the wishes or other eye-catching decorations.

What is the minimum order quantity?
If an individual project (color packaging tailored to customer needs, personalization) is to be implemented, the minimum order is 100 pieces.

What is the time to process the order?
The standard execution time is 14 days.

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