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"There is nothing better than a friend, apart from a friend with chocolate."
~Linda Grayson in the Pickwick Club

Alors, que choisirez-vous? – Did you pick something? - Asks the shop assistant of one of the chocolate shops surrounding the Grand Place in Brussels. Meanwhile our mind is complete blank. We circle around the counter like a child in a toy store. So many flavors, so many different shapes. One could spend a fortune. A little bit of common sense which relied against the aroma prevents us from being extravagant...

Belgian pralines - what is the reason for their uniqueness?

We wish each of our clients that they may one day be able to stand before a similar dilemma. Belgium is an undeniable chocolate empire. 172 000 tons of chocolate is produced there every year! Belgian pralines are known and loved around the world, and Belgians themselves consume more than 70 tons of chocolate per year. The rest goes to other markets, among others to Poland. What is this phenomenon? The secret is the composition of chocolates. Belgian pralines are made out of 100% cocoa butter, without any addition of vegetable oils. This is the first step to the world-fame. The second is the heart Belgian confectioners put in in their preparation. Chocolates are manufactured mostly by hand. Their intricate shapes are the reason why it is impossible to pass any of the exhibitions indifferently. Know, too, that Belgians are considered the creators of the first pralines. Before them no one came up with the idea of coating a cream filling with chocolate. It is such a simple idea, yet it has given all so much pleasure.

AMANTE – sweets specialists

Belgian chocolate has fascinated us so much that we decided to bring it upon the Vistula river. This is how the brand AMANTE was created. Our offer includes Belgian pralines and truffles kneaded by hand from the highest quality ingredients. We compose unique sets, which is a prelude of what you can expect from a visit to Brussels and Antwerp. Marzipan in the shape of a strawberry, caramel with salt, dark chocolate with lemon grass ... It's a confectionery art, which you can now marvel at will.

Gifts and Christmas sets

Exclusive chocolates are a great gift idea - both when your want to give them to a loved one, and when you care for a nice gift for your customer, business partner or a contractor. Just remember the title quote from the Pickwick Club - 'A friend with chocolate is always welcome.' Surely you will make even better impression if youdecide for an eye-catching packaging for chocolates. We offer a wide range of packagings in all sizes and colors, as well as unlimited branding possibilites.

Chocolate boxes with your company logo will surely be long remembered by the recipients. It's the easiest way for your clients to have only good (and sweet) associations with you.

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